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What is Islam?

Discover what Islam is truly about.

The Holy Qur'an

The complete holy qur'an with recitation and tafseer.


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Latest From Our Blog

Spiritual benefits of Fasting by Imam Ghazali


Why is it that Ramadan seems to have such a profound impact on our spirituality, particularly given the physical hardships that it entails? The most distinct feature of Ramadan is that it requires able Muslims to fast the entire month.

Ramadan Origin & Fasting



Introduction to Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting. Its Name and Origin, Prayer & reading of The Qur'an, Events of Ramadan & medical benefits of Fasting.

Is Ka’aba an idol? Do Muslims worship it? Significance & History of Ka’aba


Why do Muslims pray or prostrate in the direction of Ka’aba? What is significance of Kaaba in Islam? Why do some Muslims touch or kiss the black stone in the Kaa’ba when they perform the pilgrimage? 

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Salat Al Jumu'ah at 1:30PM

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