Aged Care

A culturally and religiously appropriate aged care service is now available to support our elderly Muslims. The service will cater to Muslim requirements such as appropriate halal accommodations, and important cultural etiquettes needed when caring for the elderly.

Services include assistance with:

  • Halal meal preparation

We can help organising and preparing halal meals, including meal planning, labelling and freezing food.

  • Cleaning

We can help with laundry, ironing and keeping your home clean and tidy, including: floors, bathrooms, kitchen and small windows.

  • Transport

We can help you get to the Masjid, doctors and specialist appointments as well as community events.

  • Shopping

We can support you to do your shopping or shop for you.

  • Gardening

We help you to maintain your lawn as well as light pruning, planting, weeding and clearing pathways.

  • Podiatry

Podiatrists can assess, diagnose and treat foot and leg conditions.

  • Physiotherapy

Physiotherapists can help improve your movement, decrease pain and keep you active.

  • Nursing

Nurses can assist you with wound care and medication management.

  • Respite Services

We can support you in your caring role.

We can also help with advice on:

  • Staying at home
  • Maintaining good health

For more information please call Racha Fandi on 08 8159 3448 or Email

Alternatively Racha Fandi is available at the Masjid Every Monday, Thursday and Friday from 9am to 5pm
Email  or Call (08) 8268 1944